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Gwen Grech: Luxol u/15 player: The game was well played congratulations to the winning team but I don't think th... more

Ryan Galea: Aloysians u/15 player: Not our toughest encounter but every game is important to play and enjoy. tod... more

Katrina Bonello: Kavallieri u/15 player: Today , us kavallieri girls played against Phoenix. It was a very tough game... more

Raquelle Ciantar: Luxol u/15 player: Our game against Phoenix, was a really difficult one. Phoenix players showed that... more

Thomas Gove: Luxol u/15 player:Today’s game vs Aloysians was a difficult one. Aloysians have wonderful players ... more

Leah Caligari: La Salle u/15 player:Today we played against SAC in an under 15 game and we won with the score of 11... more

Jean Paul Abela: Aloysians u/15 player: It was a nice thing to play against a team which started training handball th... more

Isabella Bonello: Swieqi Phoenix u/15 player: Todays Phoenix vs Kavallieri match was a great example of a fair and bal... more

Eliza Spiteri: Swieqi Phoenix u/15 player:Today's game against Kavallieri was a hard fought victory. The game finis... more

Anne Seekles: Aloysians u15 player:Although we didnt win,we worked hard, i think that if learn from the mistakes ... more

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