• U/17 Juniors League
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U/17 Juniors League

U/17 Juniors League

Aloysians vs Swieqi Phoenix

2nd Div. League

2nd Div. League

Kavallieri vs La Salle

1st Div. League

1st Div. League

Aloysians vs La Salle

1st Div. League

1st Div. League

Luxol vs HMS


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Luke Galea: U/17 Aloysians Player: Today's game was a really good one. Both teams started really well and we had... more

Nicholas Farrugia: U/17 Aloysians Player: It wasn't an easy game. Both teams gave their utmost to win, but eventually, ... more

Julian Brincat: U/17 Kavallieri Player : This game was very important for the club and also for me personally as its... more

Miguel Debattista: U/17 Aloysians Player: Todays's game wasnt an easy one, it was a very close game a nice one to play ... more

Lowell Bezzina HMS Player: U/17 HMS Player: Unfortunately, today's game was a bad one. Presently we're not in a good form at al... more

Nikolas Mannino: U/17 Luxol Player: We won because we played as a team and we gave our 100%

Mattia Scicluna: U/17 HMS Player : So as for the preparation, i arrived a bit late so I wasn't there for the coach's ... more

Daryl Magri: U/17 La Salle Player: Today, Kavallieri showed potential in winning the league.On the other hand we ... more

Miguel Gruppetta: U/17 La Salle Player: Overall it was quite a difficult game for us. Kavallieri played well and consi... more

Andrea Cassar: U/17 Kavallieri Player: Today we played our second game of the league against La Salle. It was quite... more

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Daniel Garnisi: Sac Player: Even though we didn't win our team did our best. We played hard and I'm sure that we can improve from our mistakes to achieve better results in the games to come.

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  • RESULTS from 22/11/2015
    U/17 League Juniors

    La Salle


    Kavallieri RS2

    17 Finished 25
    09:00 | Univ. Tal-Qroqq
    U/17 League Juniors

    Seminary HMS


    Luxol Maria Regina

    8 Finished 28
    10:15 | Univ. Tal-Qroqq
    U/17 League Juniors



    Swieqi Phoenix

    23 Finished 20
    11:30 | Univ. Tal-Qroqq
    2nd Div. League Women

    Swieqi Phoenix



    15 Finished 15
    12:45 | Univ. Tal-Qroqq

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  • La Salle VS Luxol H.C.

    28/11/2015 | 12:30 | Univ. Tal-Qroqq

    Swieqi Phoenix VS Aloysians

    28/11/2015 | 14:00 | Univ. Tal-Qroqq


    28/11/2015 | 15:30 | Univ. Tal-Qroqq

    Swieqi Phoenix VS Kavallieri RS2

    28/11/2015 | 17:00 | Univ. Tal-Qroqq

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