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U/17 League

U/17 League

Kavallieri vs Aloysians

2nd Div. League

2nd Div. League

Aloysians vs La Salle

1st Div. League

1st Div. League

Kavallieri vs Luxol

1st Div. League

1st Div. League

HMS vs Swieqi Phoenix


Club Comments

A Pomroy La Sallian Player: For more than 40minutes the game was balanced with aloysians getting the lead of 2 or 3 goals. Howev... more

L Rizzo Kavallieri Player: Today, we faced Aloysians, a team composed of young but great players. Thus, it is never easy to fac... more

A Borg Aloysian Goalkeeper: The game started off to be a very balanced one as always. Both teams were doing their best and conti... more

N Farrugia Aloysian Player:  Well, on the whole we didn't play bad - We defended well but we found it difficult to attack and sc... more

D Ben Moussa Aloysians: All in all it was a good match with some decent actions from both teams. Aloysians opened the score ... more

M Aquilina Kavallieri Player: Facing luxol today was rather challening at some points; however, we managed to a set a strong defen... more

N Fava HMS Player: Phoenix and HMS faced each other in a match they both anticipated. with both teams brimming with you... more

Clinton Mifsud Phoenix: As has been anticipated, it was a very close game with both teams ready to go all out for a win. Wit... more

Imed Ben Moussa Luxol Player: The game today was an important game for luxol as they had won 3 consecutive games and wanted to sec... more

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  • RESULTS from 21/12/2014

    La Salle


    Swieqi Phoenix

    30 - 0
    09:00 | Univ. Tal-Qroqq

    Kavallieri RS2



    26 - 8
    10:15 | Univ. Tal-Qroqq

    La Salle



    14 - 19
    11:30 | Univ. Tal-Qroqq

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