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Gwen Grech: Luxol u/15 player: The game was well played congratulations to the winning team but I don't think th... more

Ryan Galea: Aloysians u/15 player: Not our toughest encounter but every game is important to play and enjoy. tod... more

Katrina Bonello: Kavallieri u/15 player: Today , us kavallieri girls played against Phoenix. It was a very tough game... more

Raquelle Ciantar: Luxol u/15 player: Our game against Phoenix, was a really difficult one. Phoenix players showed that... more

Thomas Gove: Luxol u/15 player:Today’s game vs Aloysians was a difficult one. Aloysians have wonderful players ... more

Leah Caligari: La Salle u/15 player:Today we played against SAC in an under 15 game and we won with the score of 11... more

Jean Paul Abela: Aloysians u/15 player: It was a nice thing to play against a team which started training handball th... more

Isabella Bonello: Swieqi Phoenix u/15 player: Todays Phoenix vs Kavallieri match was a great example of a fair and bal... more

Eliza Spiteri: Swieqi Phoenix u/15 player:Today's game against Kavallieri was a hard fought victory. The game finis... more

Anne Seekles: Aloysians u15 player:Although we didnt win,we worked hard, i think that if learn from the mistakes ... more

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Acolazione: Go Phoenix.... (y)

juliangrixti76 : Julian Grixti: Swieqi Phoenix player: Eventhough we got the 3 points last Sunday, we still need to improve our strength and ability. On the whole, we played qute well. We are showing that we are improving every game.

Daniel Garnisi: Sac Player: Even though we didn't win our team did our best. We played hard and I'm sure that we can improve from our mistakes to achieve better results in the games to come.

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  • RESULTS from 12/11/2017
    U/17 League Juniors

    Luxol Maria Regina


    Kavallieri RS2

    0 Walkover 30
    09:00 | University Hall

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